Technological solutions for industrial machines in every sector

SIRIO snc was born on 12 January 1984 from an idea by Liano Cassioli and Danilo Comanducci.

Thanks to their experience in companies in the sector, they decided to take on an entrepreneurial project, Sirio was born and after only two years (1986) SIRIO became a Srl.

It is increasingly becoming a point of reference in the market for the distribution of electrical and electronic components in central Italy, to then expand its range of action also in the rest of the peninsula and to foreign markets.

In 2004 the company was transferred from Florence in Figline Valdarno, in a location of about 1,500 square meters. in order to have a more rational and adequate warehouse logistics management.

Taking advantage of highly specialized skills, SIRIO offers a series of technological solutions for industrial machines in every sector: from food to alternative energy, up to large industry and the railway sector. Inside the Figline Valdarno site two different product lines are managed: electromechanical and electronic, the latter are made up of passive components such as connectors. For each product line, a sample check is performed to guarantee the conformity of the supply.

Strengthened by consolidated experience and important collaborative relationships with the main companies in the sector and thanks to the competence and professionalism of its employees and collaborators, SIRIO aims to expand its product lines in the electronic sector more and more, in order to respond positively to the needs of the Italian and foreign market..